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Monday, March 19, 2012

Forest mangoes!!!!.....

On the outskirts of the phansad wildlife santuary in a little backward village of wehoor iv got 2 beautiful pieces of land these farms have been with us for well over 2 decades ....as i child we used to run through the streams ,grasses etc plucking wild karondas,jhamuns,mulberries,ber etc ....but there was 1 fruit we waited all year for...the mango...at the farm we roughly have about 108 mango trees and anyone who has been associated to the nursery over the years has always shared the produce over 200 boxes go out every year to our much adored patrons.

But during our childhood just walking through the santuary on our endless hunts for "treasure" (blame it on cartoons) we accidentally stumbled upon vast amount of trees ladened with mangoes...we used the stone method of harvesting(haplessly chuck stones in the hope of it accidentally fetching you the fruit) and they fell by the dozens what i tasted was something ill never forget....pure ,clean not powdered juicy yet firm(ok hahhahahahha....hahahha...) just once sweet ill shaped perfect mango.
As i grew up we ventured fewer times in the forest...and much less in the summer i kept talking about this fruit kept telling this story in each conversation about mangoes...long after the innocent days of childhood barely an adult i was standing at the gates of S.P college of horticulture.....for a city boy this place was a rude awakening in a small village off ratnagiri called sawarde electricity was sparse,heat was unbearable ,dint at that time know marathi...was tough...but those were the years I'm glad i went through ....living in a 2 floor hostel in the middle of nowhere!!sleeping under the stars learning a new language, eating the weirdest food but this was fun...in its own way it was one of the best decisions i had taken more on this later!
So ya i had this friend a year senior who's village was close by one a random summer day he called me to the hostel terace he has something to eat...trust me if u opened food in the hostel ud have a 100 hungry hands tearing whatever it was into shreds....so ya we went up and he opes this bag of big mangoes ...i start the same story of how this mango is nowhere close to the.....blah blah blah....and then i taste these HOLY COW!!!! the taste was mindblowing the mangoes were huge and this mango was perfect....i revved up by eliminator drove off to his village what i found was unbelievable 900 trees in the forest ladened with mangoes ...adivasi ladies plucking them for their small frail families .chit chatting in konkani we realized that these were the alphonso varieties left to the wild no fertilizers,insecticide ,organic manure ....just nature at its very best...
over the years i made several trip to this little village for these mangoes i left my trees alone dint bother with organic fertilizers and though the crop failed 4 years in a row last year we had what can only be called a bumper crop!!!

There are 500 dozens of forest mangoes up for grabs....we are selling them at a price that ill post here soon(trust me ul be surprised on how cheap and delicious they are)....let me know if you guys are interested we can either send them over to you or you can hand pick your box at the nursery....the 1st week of april is when the mangoes come in ...trust me u don't want to miss out on these!!