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Vriksha nursery is a second generation nursery based in Mumbai where we strive to change the face of urban gardening in India with over 25,000 gardens executed in Maharashtra/Goa/Gujarat. We have a team of dedicated professionals who will leave no stone unturned to give you gardens of the utmost quality. Vriksha nursery has been synonymous with innovation in our field be it set landscaping(over 15000 teleserials/movies/adfilms), temporary landscapes (over 2500 exhibitions and weddings),ikebana flower arrangements, urban farming, rooftop gardens,living walls etc.
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Friday, August 17, 2012

Time outs Top 25 : our store in mumbai is @ no#6!!!!

extremely humbled by time out (mumbai) putting our store in front of so many amazing names....truly humbled....

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Whats with all these Hoardings!!!

So on a recent drive to one of my sites i fond myself on the mumbai pune express highway...this drive used to be one of the most soothing stunning drives near the city...and though i know the kind of ecological distraction it took to make this highway it still was a stunning drive..and come the monsoon the hills would be a shade card of green...the small rivulets, the little waterfalls, the monkeys ,flowers ,birds the small villages u pass by with thatched roofs an idealistic scenery a glimpse into the true color of the countryside but have u been on this road lately...
there are hoardings bigger than the hills one more ridiculous than the other the little villages have turned into second home projects concrete structures the rivulets have been paved and the once stunning countryside has been devastated by the developers developing the land.but here today I'm just gona try to show u what an eyesore these hoardings are...
The expressway is a 93km long stretch and when last counted there were 1550 hoardings!!! apron 17 huge hoardings every 1 km.the sad part is when the villagers by the road suffer from 15-18hrs of load shedding(no electricity) huge halogens highlight these monstrosities.
the small highway dhabas have given way to food malls where everything form McDonnell's to dominoes serve us so called fresh food....the rustic kokum juice is replaced by colas ....what the hell is happening!!!!
a mountain is carved out to "create" Asia's largest hoarding ...the sad part is the company that made this hoarding is a landscape firm...maybe thats why i don't see eye to eye with the older generation on "landscape designers" that are out there...there are hoarding after hoarding of eco projects green buildings nature complexes blah blah blah....what a load of crap this is by making a garden with a lawn and palms dosent make ur complex eco friendly!!
The divider landscapes though i must say have steadily improved there are some absolutely stunning palms used,the plumerias are stunning too...the ticomas,thivetias....kudos the the hundreds and hundreds of maintaince workers who in their high visibility jackets work in the scorching sun and the pouring rain.
this is just a rant...im irritated tired and frustrated cause on the road cause its impossible to click the landscape without stopping at the side one of my most fav drives been reduced my ignorant money hungry co operates to this....makes me truly sad...here are some of the hoardings i clicked: