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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Smells like green spirit.

An aroma garden is specifically designed to create a pleasant nasal experience. It draws people’s attention to the scent quality of plants. Fragrant species include a wide range of plant types, including trees, shrubs, herbs, vines, annuals, and perennials. This type of garden can be of great enjoyment to the blind or visually handicapped and would well serve the community surrounding an institute or school for the blind/community gardens/restraunts.
The first and formst step is to identify your soil type.the type of manure/mulch used is essential of a garden of this nature Cow dung is of of the commonest manures that we in india use a big disadvantage of this mulch is its smell .Landscape mulches conserve moisture, moderate soil temperatures and minimize weed growth. Some mulches have no odor at all, while most organic mulches have a pleasant, earthy smell that reduces over time. Occasionally wood chip mulch may have a vinegar, rotten egg or ammonia odor, which indicates sour mulch. This mulch was not properly aerated during storage and can kill or damage plants.there is an easy 3 step methord to avoid this namely:::
1)Order or buy mulch in advance and place it in the corner of the yard to air out. If the mulch has a sour smell, don't discard it, but wait to apply it to flower beds until the odor has dissipated. Turn it frequently with a shovel to aerate it and sprinkle it with a garden hose.

2)Place the mulch in flower beds in layers 2 to 4 inches deep and rake to smooth it. Mulches placed more deeply may suffocate plants, develop odors or encourage rodent and insect infestation.

3)Rinse the mulch with water from a garden hose to leach any odors from it. If an odor persists, turn the mulch occasionally with a shovel to aerate it.
When designing such gardens its important choose elements to stimulate sight, hearing, scent and touch. These gardens are designed for wheelchair users, blind visitors, children and special needs individuals. A herb garden designed for the visually impaired can incorporate aromatic herbs to help visitors identify the plants by smell. Some plants like creeping thyme can be planted along pathways so their aroma is released when they are walked on.
India has been considered as a treasure house of valuable medicinal and aromatic plant species About 2,000 native plant species have curative properties and 1,300 species are known to give out aromas at diffrent times of the day.
Most of the plants are fairly inexpencive and spaces as small as your balcony can be used to create this fragrant green space larger areas though can acomodate trees and larger shrubs who act as natural air purification systems
to get a whole list of these natural aromatic marvels feel free to drop me a line or visit the nursery to experience the magic first hand.


  1. Love it !!!
    Congrats !!!
    And now ur actually creatin green spaces online too !! : )

  2. What exactly is mulch and where can I source it?

  3. mulch just means any basic plant nutrition medium could be dried leaves,organic manure just kinda mix it in the top soil ....try not to mix sand as that can make the soil saline

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