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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The royal flower bouquet:: the symbolism behind Kate"s wedding bouquet

5.30 on my weekly monday morning in dadar...i found myself gazing upon the vast array of colors arranged shabbily on both sides of the roads . A mist the early morning hustle while trying to pick up some beautiful daises for my girlfriend ,i chuckled about the million articles she showed me about the royal wedding. What they wore,ate what they did everything was look at in such crazy details. In all this madness,i noticed the flower bouquet was quite very personal...flowers from the royal garden from bushes planted by queen Victoria
Some really smart florist back in the day decided the best way to sell flowers was to assign so called significance/meaning,as if to say each flower stood for some deep seated meaning/feeling(marketing genius i say).Roses were given love,buttercup stood for riches the the lamest was coriander which signified lust hahahahahah.i decided to look into the meanings behind the new princess's flowers.what i found was quite interesting.
Let's decode the message of her fragrant, shield-shaped bouquet:

Sweet William (aww!) -- The Prince of course, and gallantry

Lily of the Valley -- Return of happiness

Hyacinth -- Constancy of love

Ivy -- Fidelity (it's certainly faithful to the fence in my garden), marriage, wedded love, affection

Myrtle -- Emblem of marriage and love
Now Kate Middleton has gone off the deep end with the Language of Flowers. This indulgence in flora was probably brought on by her researches into the meaning of the oak tree she chose for her coat of arms.

Actually it's affected all the Middletons and at the wedding they wore custom jewelry based on their oak and acorn theme. Kate's wedding earrings are oak and acorn too.(i sincerely thank my princess for the never ending list of articles where i spotted these)

Every bride gets a little obssesed about something, and this at least will give Kate something to talk about with her garden-obsessed father-in-law, Prince Charles.


  1. Floristry is also not to be confused with horticulture which more broadly relates to the cultivation of flowers and plants.rs and plants so they will remain fresh as long as possible, and would be desirable for purchase, which also involves knowledge of customers' requirements and expectations.

    1. my knowledge of florestry as an industry has been outa experience...my moms teaches ikebana and have grown up wateching her work with flowers...and though im a horticulturist i do have a certain sense of what the market need and demands back here in mumbai!