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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A confused state of affairs:what the hell is goin on here!

It’s a confused nation we live in..

*you cut a tree ur fined 100rs you break a signal you are fines 350 rs.

*The biggest sugarcane hoarder is our agriculture minister.

*The BEST systematically cuts down...ops trims trees for better viewing of hoardings.

*Our agriculture/horticulture syllabus still tells us to promote and use Glyphosate,DAP!!!

*tree plantation drives are done with tulsi.

* no money to make the roads but have money to change our road divider plantation every 6 months

*people protecting the forests are against development/naxals and socialites roam around calling themselves environmental activists.

*Where a man stops eating food and the media looses the plot ....but half a million people go hungry the media would rather show Kareena kapoors new diet plan.

*where we would rather feed the rats in our grain storehouses than a starving child.

* where a policeman kills a leopard that is actually attacking a villager, and instead of being felicitated he is booked for the crime of saving a human being at the insistence of some Wildlife Organisations.

* A nation where Rice is Rs.40/- per kg and SIM Card is free

* Where a pizza you have ordered reaches home faster than an ambulance or police, even if you were being murdered or having a heart attack

* Where a car loan is charged at 5% but an education loan, so necessary for our youth is charged an interest of 12%

* A nation where students with 45% get into elite institutions through the quota system and those with 90% are sent away because of merit.

* Where a millionaire buys a cricket team, spending crores instead of donating the money to any charity. Where two IPL teams were auctioned at 3300 crores, yet still a poor country where people starve for two square meals per day.

* A country where footwear is sold in AC showrooms, but the vegetables we eat, are sold on the footpath and very often next to garbage dumps.

* Where everybody wants to be famous, not by doing good for others, but by looting others and finally getting their names in the newspapers through some scam or other!

* It’s a strange nation we live in, where assembly complex buildings get ready within a year while public bridges, flyovers and sea links take several years even to get off the drawing board and another decade to be completed

* We have malls, and sky-rises, with slums forming their boundary wall.

* A country where men and women squat on railway tracks, with no where else to go while watching them from windows, are couples with three bathrooms and one for the guests.

* A country where politicians who are supposed to serve the people accept money from the same people they are supposed to serve, then take a salary from the government for their services to the people

*the only bill that has all the Ministers in 100% agreement on is the one that calls for their salaries raised 6 times in 4 years.

* A politician is paid more than an army MAJOR.

* We are a nation where we talk in hushed whispers about the corruption in the country and then dig into our pockets to bribe a cop when we are caught cutting a red light



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