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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Solanum lycopersicum(tomatoes): why are they getting more expencive by the day?

Driving by the subway i picked a newspaper from a paper boy the head lines screamed out "Seeing red over tomato prices" ....wad a hoax i thought to myself how the hell can someone ruin a tomato crop...its the easiest vegetable to grow.I had to investigate further.
and this is what i came across....(article courtesy http://agrinewspk.blogspot.com/)

Lured by high profits, Indian traders are flooding the Pakistan market with tomatoes, affecting domestic supplies and pushing up prices back home.Truck loads of tomatoes sourced from Delhi and Nashik are entering Pakistan through Attari-Wagah border in Amritsar daily, traders said.

"As many as 80-90 trucks of tomatoes (each carrying about 16 tonnes) are crossing Attari-Wagah border every day," Rajdeep Singh Uppal, vice-president, Amritsar Export Association said.
This has been happening for over two weeks, he said, adding that the trend is expected to continue for a month.
Rajendra Sharma, a member of Delhi agriculture marketing board, said supply of tomatoes to Pakistan is one of the reasons for continued high retail prices of the vegetable in Delhi at Rs 20-25 a kg.
Rajendra Chug, general secretary of Delhi's Azadpur market (Asia's biggest vegetables & fruits market) said that on average 10-12 trucks laden with tomatoes are heading for Pakistan everyday.Uppal and Chug said rush of tomatoes to Pakistan is triggered by relatively high prices there because of damage to the crop due to floods in the key producing Sindh region.
Uppal said Indian tomato is selling for around USD 350-400 (Rs 17,850-Rs 20,400) per tonne in Pakistan.Ajit Shah, president of Mumbai based agriculture export association said around 100-125 tonnes of tomatoes from Nashik is finding its way to Pakistan by road through Wagah.

Agriculture policies of the Indian government have always baffled me,but this is just plain disgusting.Mr minister prefers to fill our granaries with food while kids starve ,he prefers feeding out noisey neighbor in greed of foreign exchange id love to ask WHY but will anyone reply.

They hoard food sit on heaps piles and miles of grains while the common man shells spends through his nose just to have 1 square meal.His fat pot bellies and gangs of goons dressed in khadi waving some stupid flag screaming slogans making a fuss...just cause Mr minister is in the city for a rally....some filmy dialogues,slapstick humor,trucks and vad pao for people in attendance ...is this fat moron our union minister..he claims he feels the pain of the farmer ,the common mans grief is his but empty promises are all he has to offer.His polices are f*****d ,his actions are worse...all iv got to say is MR MINISTER YOU SUCK!!!


  1. Hi Shaan, I love the picture in the header!!!! what plant is it?

    Pakistan is in a state of agricultural crisis, and thus our flood is finding its way there- however, it is not that there are less tomatoes for us, its only a temporary market fluctuation.

    I would like to point out that this problem would be cured if more people bought and grew more tomato plants!!!!

  2. its a spear mint pic in the headder...

    i know Pakistans crisis have read about it but all im trying to say that its amusing how the state chooses to make us pay exobadant prices while exporting the produce abroad....kinda disgusted that we have granaries filled with food and starving children outside its gates.