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Friday, December 2, 2011

A green Way to Recycle the Water That Your A/C Unit Produces

Condensation produced from your air conditioning can amount to big water savings over time.

I can use the excess water that my air conditioner produces?

This may seem like somewhat of a revelation, but the answer is yes, you most certainly can (although I wouldn’t recommend using it for human or pet consumption). Many of us don’t even realize that this source of liquid even exists because, quite honestly, very few of us willingly spend time outside in the dead of summer scrutinizing the mechanics of our respective units.

For those who happily hole themselves up inside their air-conditioned refuges, here’s how excess moisture magically materializes. Once the internal air in our homes is sufficiently cooled, an evaporator coil draws extracted water vapor down through a drain, which in effect means sayonara, free liquid. Now, to the average individual, this excess moisture may seem almost negligible, but for those who live in perpetually drought-stricken regions, we’re talking about a potential oasis in the desert.

the Burj Khalifa, which at 2,717 feet tall is quite easily the tallest skyscraper in the
world, utilizes the moisture generated from its comprehensive air-conditioning system to irrigate the surrounding and quite sprawling Burj Khalifa Park. On an annual basis, this “condensate recovery” program recycles 15 million gallons of water that would otherwise have
been wasted.
Have you had a change of heart now? All of those drops eventually really do add up, which can take the heat off of your wallet if you live in a municipality that charges for water privilege. it’s a really cool way to creatively tap into a resource that typically flies under the radar.

Bird baths,lilly ponds, water walls&waterfalls are all garden accessories widely used by all garden designers ....the excesses form your air condition could be used to
reduce the water consumption in these features.Green walls which is one of the fastest spreading garden ideas could be watered by this grey water by means of simple plumbing.
You don't need to tie yourself to trees or dress in vegetables to save our planet...do your little bit for mother earth ul not just save her...ul also save time,money and effort.

Air conditioner condensate may contain contaminants, such as algae. While most household graywater is alkaline, air conditioner condensate is neutral. It should not be used for applications where the pH balance of the water is vital, such as aquariums. Air conditioning condensate is not safe for consumption without special filtering and treatment.
So will gray water solve the global water crisis? Not by itself. But as awareness of its benefits grows, gray water could take a chunk out of the amount of fresh water people use. After all, watering plants constitutes 5 percent of the 400 gallons the average Indian household uses per day. If everyone in India used only gray water for their plants, it could save 6.6 billion gallons of water every day. Even better than that, when you reuse water, you save electricity, since it takes power to pump water to your house. This electricity is often generated at coal-fire power plants, so reusing water can actually help clear the air, too.


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