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Monday, February 27, 2012

FREE Tree Campaign !!!!

Driving round the city iv come across a large number of dead barks of trees paying homage to its once glorious self..iv highlighted the impotence of the BMC in several of my previous article...the tree authority is a sham ...a body that was made to protect trees has committed itself to destroying the last few green lungs that the city has left.Tree Authority of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation gave the green signal to cut 2,000 trees for several infrastructure projects in the city, and transplantation of 2,000 of which i might add 28 survived!
Set up to protect and preserve the city's green cover, the Authority-comprising politicians, bureaucrats and tree experts-has according to environmentalists become more of a mute spectator in its depletion, granting chopping orders without checking whether replanting or transplanting is being followed. Reasons given for the green slaughter range from road-widening to private projects most of them malls,showrooms etc....The BMC Tree Census Says Mumbai’s Green Population Has Doubled From 9.5 Lakh In 1998 To 19 Lakh Now. But What Else Can You Expect, Ask Environmentalists, When Even Weeds And Dead Trees Are Counted And Parameters Are Changed To Inflate Figures

How happy were you when you got to know some fancy clothing brand opened a huge outlet in your vicinity?...did you think it was awesome that an electronic mega store put 1000 plasma tvs on its wall beside your house? but spare a thought for the once majestic green being who held its ground for decades before money hungry cooperates mercilessly poisoned it...! it's a rather sickening feel to look at trees that have turned black shorn of the green. The colour of the wood is weather beaten and there are several of them standing dead scattered all around the city.
Im not one to plant a tree and fee iv done a favor to the world i also aint one who is pro this so called "development" of our country but i find it rather hard to make a difference in this city which seems to have embraced concrete and the color grey with a vengeance trees have been reduced to decorative fluff pieces to decorate this mass of grey we call our city.iv come up with a simple yet effective idea my blog get roughly 350 views a day ....which means 10,000 a month the idea is to give out "FREE TREES" to everyone no holds barred.
Young ,old,student,worker,ruler, et al drop by please each one of you could make a difference think about this...10,000 trees every month 1,20,000 a year! just from this one blog. Iv got a whole bunch of natives to give away share this guys on your Facebook pages ,on your blogs on twitter the more you share the more trees we give ...1 tree for 1 person get your friends get everyone ....as jack black would say lets "stick it to the man" lets show the so called developers that we don't need them to develop out green spaces your free saplings awaits you!


  1. Nice Post!! Each One Grow One !!!

  2. Hi is this still on? Willpost it of it is.

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